Enhancing calcium oxide in a sustainable and innovative way
With surface-modified alkaline calcium compounds, Chemral introduces a novel, patented material class that combines the high alkalinity of calcium oxide with a biodegradable and sustainable time-release mechanism for many applications in future-oriented industries.

Originally developed as biological fungicides or bactericides in plant and crop protection applications, the alkaline effects of calcium oxide is combined with a surface modification that influences the physical properties of the final product such as the rheology and adhesion. Furthermore, the modification controls the release of the alkalinity of the calcium oxide.


The surface-modified calcium oxide particles can be used as functionalized additives in many different applications, ranging from plastics, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical to paper products, cement or concrete mixtures.

About us

Chemral offers tailor-made functionalization of alkaline calcium-based materials to cover a wide field of applications ranging from fungicides to functionalized additives for construction materials.



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